Hair Colouring 

We are proud to be a Signature Wella salon, That’s right we use all things Wella. We believe that starting with only the best leading colour provider will ensure we deliver exceptional results for you our client. We attend regular training yearly to keep up with the ever evolving trends of the hair colouring industry. We offer free in-depth consultations so we can get to know you, your lifestyle and your budget.  We have a  Master colour expert for Wella in our salon that enables all stylist to have exceptional knowledge, If there’s anything we don’t know about colour then quite frankly there’s no point knowing it. Our No1 goal is to ensure you leave with feeling the best you’ve ever felt and your hair is in the best condition possible as we all know it is the crown you never take off…

Highlights / Lowlights 

Highlights & lowlights are simply pieces of hair that are lighter or darker than your natural hair colour, If your base colour is brown, you can add highlights that are a lighter brown, or even have brown hair with blonde highlights. These are pieces of hair that are painted in a foil from root to tip. We offer half head, full head and a box parting. Toners are usually followed after a highlighting service to add the exact shade the client requires. 


Hair tint is direct hair dye that is applied directly to the scalp, the process of tinting adds shade to the hair and can also lighten natural hair colour without the use of bleach. In essence, The result should be an even, subtle shade that adds a glossy accent to the hair's base shade.

Scalp Bleaching 

A scalp bleach is a lightening method that is used to achieve a very light hair colour, such as blonde/white/silver. The bleaching method ensures that your hair is one tone, as opposed to having lots of different tones of blonde in your hair a toner will be required alongside this service. 

Fashion Colours 

Fashion hair colors are semi-permanent treatments that naturally fade with time. Bright colors will fade from the hair within 4-8 weeks, while soft pastel tones can fade in 1-2 weeks. Most of the vibrant colours will fade from your hair little by little each wash. These are mainly available to lighter natural hair shades but can be accomplished by using bleach to pre-lighten. 

Balayage & Ombré 

When it comes to a balayage & Ombré we have endured hours of training to ensure that we have the skill, knowledge and techniques to effortlessly create a natural blended colour that simply stands out from the crowd. By combining several techniques we are able to deliver a bespoke colour that we are now renowned for of which our clients travel far and wide to sit in our chairs. 

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