Spray Tanning

When it comes to spray tans we have researched long and hard to find the right product for our clients that is streak free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. The outcome was the award winning Sienna X tanning solution! It comes in three different levels of darkness and an instant rapid one hour tan if you are pushed for time! We have our very own tanning booth that will extract any overspray so you can be rest assured that your tan will come out perfectly every time!  

Tanning Services We Offer

Full Tan 

This is a full body spray, you will be provided with disposable knickers/pants or if you prefer a line free tan then we will allow you to bare all. 


Partial Tan  

This is for those clients that never seem to tan on their legs… This will Give you a head start as we will blend the tan into the rest of your body. 



We have three Strengths available depending on skin tone, Fair, Medium & Dark. We also have a rapid one hour tan solution that equates to a medium tan. 

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