Sick of shaving, waxing or epilating? Then look no further… Laser is the most effective method of removing hair anywhere on the body including the face. Unlike other methods, laser can provide long lasting results and with each treatment the hair becomes finer and softer leaving your hair less visible as your treatments progress. Laser hair removal works by generating light energy below the skins surface targeting the dark pigmented hair bulb causing damage and ultimately destroying it. Every hair follicle on the body has its own growth cycle and the laser must target the follicle at a specific time of the cycle to prevent the hair to regrow.

During growth individual hairs are in different parts of the growth cycle at any one time, this is why you will require several treatments to gain long lasting results. We would recommend 6-10 treatments  4-6 weeks apart. 

Men and Woman are suitable for laser hair removal and with our medical grade laser machine we are now able to treat all skin tones.

What skin type do you have?

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